Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lovers What Happens at the ATM ?

I understand love and deep affection and the couples that are the envy of most of us for the mere fact that they seem like two parts of one puzzle. It’s okay to share the various aspects of your lives, to enact your uninhibited public displays of affection. I am just really unable to accurately get my mind wrapped around the idea that ATM couples are acceptable.

There is the weird phenomenon for me of couples at the ATM that will go with their partners and stand there staring at the ATM machine. He punches in his pin code, you are staring, he selects a display of how much money he has, you are staring, he withdraws money, and you are staring. I mean really would it hurt you to give the poor sucker some breathing room. Is it just me? I mean that finds it weird. I really cannot get over how it makes me judgemental to see these couples being so possessive and disrespectful (or so it seems to me). It feels like an infringement of privacy.

We each separately work hard, so I don’t need to breathe heavy on someone’s neck as they take out money at the ATM nor would I appreciate the same treatment.

This may be a level of trust and love and unity that is missing on my part because i see it all the time at the ATM and it makes me give people the evil eyebrow. What happened to privacy? As couples joined at the hip do absolutely everything together!

I mean really this is an encounter i rather not get use to , some independence , some privacy , some distance , fine you have no secrets from each other but all the way to the last cent ! How annoying to be so merged into one so much so that you trust someone with your rand value. The ATM couples need to find some ground rules because I make a point to look at the ring finger on the sister, and what do you know, it’s not there! So you are not married and that’s okay with you, to escort him and eyeball his money.

ATM sisters seize and desist, please! It’s not appropriate to follow your boyfriend and stare at him when he withdraws money. Seize and desist !