Thursday, November 17, 2011

You know Steven Segal movies ?

There is something so very cheap about Steven Segal movies. You can't put your finger on it . The explosions are there, the leading man has an instantly recognisable name , he is well dressed, the plot and the lines are all there. He exudes cool . The sets are interesting . The rest of the cast is decent too but still , there is something tacky and cheap about a Steven Segal movie. You cant say what is is but it is. What’s the point of all this analogy ?

It’s the same thing with some guys. They have the wheels, they have the threads , they talk the talk , they sell the image but there is just some indefinable characteristic about them that does not sit well. You may not be able to put your finger on it but its the Steven Segal movie " thing " . It’s something that just won’t add up.

Look at a Bruce Willis action movie . You don’t doubt it ! You just go with it completely taken in. Then look at a Steven Segal movie it lacks that thing that would make it a Bruce Willis movie.

Some men sell it and sell it and sell it but you’re not interested. You would pass the movie , you wouldn’t pick up the DVD. You don’t want it free on your tv , it’s just a pass.

The worst thing though are the people with the Steven Segal movie "thing" asking you why ?

Why don’t you find them "Bruce Willis movie" material and how can you answer that, like it’s just that you aren’t it .

Same budget, granted.
Great story, granted.
Some grey area of something’s not there, GRANTED!

Well all the best in spotting the Steven Segal movie from the Bruce Willis movie, you really should be able to.The worst thing though is your friend walking around with a Steven Segal movie telling you how AMAZING it is! Yuck, no its not, knowing it is enough satisfaction for me.

women & the evil eye

I really am confused by women that give each other the evil eye for no reason. Why is it that it has to be so uncomfortable that we are strangers? We are at the grocery store and you give a person the one-up eye. We are passing each other in the mall and you decide to pull a face and give a person  a dirty look. I find it really very annoying and unnecessary that as women, we act so catty. It’s almost always harder to get good service from one woman to another, sadly , especially in restaurants, why is this? I can never understand the way in which people just on body language can  express so much dislike for a person they do not know. Women almost never disappoint , its strange and i find it to be a common occurrence.

I walked into a small store, two girls about my age early twenties or possibly younger than me, behind the counter it's only when people walked in after me and got a warm pleasant greeting that i got annoyed. I was at a food store, there's a girl there, doing a promotion giving people testers of some food product as i approach near her she looks at me then looks away. How are we different , why do you give other women attitude,  women are really wrong for this and i really don’t know the root cause of it all. I just have become tired of having to deal with it.

I would say, its young girls that we need to grow up but actually its not. Married women with their husbands are like always on feline mode, ready to act like wild cats with their eye. How are we to blame that we are in the same space. Why do you assume that we want your husband?  I just don’t get the logic. Why give me the evil eye when walking with your husband or whatever. How would i do anything , we are just passing in the mall, we are just sitting across from you at the restaurant. Its ridiculous, and its a woman thing because men being more logical don’t walk around giving other guys the evil eye.

The worst has to be in the ladies in front of the mirror at a public toilet. Women are like seriously looking like they could murder you. They just pull a face, and give you and eye and communicate bitter hateful body language. And they actually walk out of the bathrooms enemies, seriously sad.

I hope women stop this nonsense , it isn’t cool or deserved to be on some unreasonable mean tip.

Especially when walking into a crowd of women and you don’t know at least one of the girls there , its going to be hard. Oh to be a woman!