Thursday, October 28, 2010

where do ladies buy condoms ?

Please forgive me i do not at all mean to come at you on a rude, outlandish front. I just really do need to know, where do ladies buy condoms?

This is what i understand there are so many things that women require bravery for still in this day and age. There are situations that remain rather difficult such as buying a pack of condoms for instance,like you want to be fine about it but it feels on a respectful level somewhat wrong and eyebrow raising. So where on earth does a lady go and still maintain comfort and dignity and feel proper when buying condoms ? I just really feel as though society does not create enough comfortable situations where one can buy something like this without looking over the shoulder and trying to whisper to the till clerk.

The pharmacy is always full and the petrol stations are such nightmares. So now really where does one go and feel okay with themselves.

Picture this you as a girl casually walk in a  perol station or pharmacy or whatever and you just came in for the condoms so you wont even front. There are people around the counter and its fine. You say it "can i have 3 boxes of those *brand name* condoms please" * ting* *swipe* you pay its done and no one made you feel bad about it.You walk out and no one is staring or looking from the corner of their eye. 

The pharmacist didnt hand you an STD booklet , the person at the petrol station didnt call people with his eyes and ask loudly "which condoms sister.." and there was no judgement. Can i have this perfect world please, so my question remains, where do ladies buy condoms ?


  1. thats so funny because the last time i bought condoms the 'male' merchandiser on the floor said 'mmm getting some action tonight' I was like 'pack the damn shelves'! LOL

  2. Yep, have to agree with you Lindi, it's still one of the hardest thing to do. I've bought condoms twice in my life, the first time I had to contemplate on how to go about doing the deed. But eventually I found just the place, it's not perfect but it sure as heaven beats having to yell out to an attendant at a petrol station at the risks of embarrassing yourself. One word ladies, Clicks!

  3. The one time I walked in to Clicks, to buy condoms. When I got to the isle I saw people standing there, and I chickened out. When my boyfriend asked, I just said I forgot lol. I couldn't do it. The irony is, I always walk into clicks and I never leave without going past the condom isle.