Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ladies & Your Double Standards

I had quite an eye opening conversation just a few days ago and in true blogger in me fashion. I went click, click, type, type to share as all blogging victims do.

My friend , male, as we need to clear that point up on this blog was telling me that he was beyond fed up with his girlfriend and her syndrome of save me, save me. 

According to my friend women have this mentality that when they have a boyfriend they absolve themselves of “male" duties. According to my friend women more then males are chauvinistic. This he believes is so because he does not seize to cook for himself, tend to the washing and ironing, clean his flat or stop all duties that a female could fulfil after he is an item. Whereas with women they have a tendency to stop even changing a light bulb after they are an item. 

"I get a list", he explains unamused .I feel that this is sad for my friend but what a victory for all women! A well trained lap poodle. How does she do it?  I want a guide: 10 Easy Ways To Turn Him Into Your Lap Poodle insert evil laugh. What a world of evil possibility. She’s not my friend but I take her side, she sounds like my kind of girl .I try and coax him into accepting her side but obviously we have different perspectives on the matter. 

"I'm not Mr Fix It”, he rambles on about being called for handy man duties. This tap is leaking can you fix it for me? , that light bulb is off can you change it? , this hinge is loose can you fix it? , can you do the wires for this appliance? , can you come help me move this furniture around? And the list continues. 

I'm confused, I thought this was innate in men and there to lies my own double standards. I guess in as much as women do not appreciate being placed in a box and expected to do certain things, men are the same. I mean really the world we live in today, when boyfriends don’t feel obliged to fix things here and there for you.

His point is a good one though, if you did it yourself before he was present continue to do it yourself while with him or prepare to drive him away and face doing it again for yourself after he leaves you.

Ladies, what a tough thing to adapt my mind to, I want to say men these days but then again women these days too so there you go, don't be full of double standards!