Friday, March 11, 2011

Tell me something do you work harder to get a man? Or do you work harder to keep a man?

That is the difference between the singles and the ones in relationships !

See I know people that work hard to Keep a man and I see some work harder at the first bit. That is to GET a man.

My take on this is, it’s like there are some people that start with a sprint and run out of energy and abandon the race. Then there are some people that are just so powerful in the middle of the race and they just have greater longevity, they seem to get stronger as the race progresses and they have the ability to see the race through.

This is my little analogy of the singles and the ones who aren’t

Which one do you think you are ?

The thing about it is you have to look realistically at the race. Are you looking for a short, quick sprint? Sprints are good right, or are you looking for a marathon, a long hard, extremely long achievement? You have to plan your race though, make sure you’re fit, and make sure you’re prepared mentally for that particular race. Like which person just takes on a marathon on a whim ? You have to have a cause and know that you’re in the right place at that time in your life to handle all the pressure.

Some girls want the marathon/marriage and you look at them and think mmm she should still be in training. She’s talking about the big leagues but like you being the very knowledgeable by-stander you turn up at the marathons. You cheer for them and say go for it, we wish you well! Because you know every losing team still has its supporters. That’s what friends are for ultimately. You know when it’s time to shut up and be back up and you know when to call a person out.

If you are not ready for the marathon, don’t fake it girl it’s not meant for all of us. A few sprints should get us ready for the big time marathon some day. Train at your own pace, I’m a proud sprinter and a little bit of cross country but a marathon. We can’t all claim to be ready for a marathon. Have you seen the sad injured people that try the race ill prepared ? We still kind of admire the fact that they were brave enough to take a leap of faith but we feel pity more than anything else. They didn’t train, they were not ready, their body took it hard they look horrid and exhausted and in such pain. That’s the difference between the sprinter and the marathon runners know your threshold  !

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  1. This perspective is really fresh , i think i know what you mean . i HAVE friends who didnt think it would last at first with their bf's and actually were still fooling around in the onset. Somehow though as time progresses they have become so fucused in these relationships ! and i guess they turned the sprint into a marathon !