Monday, April 28, 2014

Brand of Love

Everyone has a different brand of love. Have you ever thought about what is yours? Is it sensitive, caring, understanding, selfish, manipulative, loyal, possesive, abusive,the list is endless. What i mean by brand of love , is how you love.
I need you to think about the brand of love you are receiving. As well as the brand of love you are giving. Who do you love and how do you love them.

We are all won over by various brands for the fact that they fulfil some sort of a need, desire or satisfaction within us. Equally we can associate ourselves with the brands that identify with our current circumstances, needs and desires. Look at the things and people around you.

If we look at ourselves, and  the way we act and treat others in our relationships as a brand, what is it that we can say WE ARE?

An example can you say with certainty you are thoughtful, transparent, sincere? What can you ooze with confidence and assurity as something that can be identifiable with you?

There are brands that look good on the outside but we don’t return to because they didn’t have the validity that we seeked. Brands or i suppose better put people that don’t have your return buy in because they say you can trust me, you can respect me this is what i offer and unfortunately do not make good.

Brands like people that sell values that are identifiable with yours only to have you find they did not live up to the need, desire and satisfaction which you seeked are not life time lifelong brands.

Think about the brands/people that you constantly return to. Its their qualities, then think about the brands or people you have a deep mis-trust towards. These are all due to your encounters with  that brand.

Now i need you to think about the brand of love you are receiving. As well as the brand of love you are exuding. Who do you love and how do you love.

We all know our trusted (in the literal sense) brands, what they fufill and what we are sure we will get from them. Yet when at that shopping aisle it’s not uncommon to look at a different genre of music from your usual purchase. For example you love jazz and find yourself in the rock music section. You could still look and compare it to what is on the market before you purchase. This is, I think because we each want to get the best or know we are still getting the best.

This is why brands improve, offer you a better and more satisfying experience. It’s important to not stagnate. It’s important to constantly be aware that you are a brand amongst brands. That you offer what very many other people/brands in the market offer. However you have to be self-aware to be the best personal brand and not lose sight of you and your values.  

I think the best feeling in the world is knowing not to be fooled by a brand that does not meet your satisfaction levels.

So, let’s evaluate the brands of people in our lives, in our relationships.

We can trust a brand momentarily or we can trust a brand for a life time all depending on what values, satisfaction and desire levels we need met.

I love holding on to a good brand and we sincerely can hope that a brand will constantly remain true, time has the best kept secrets. It never whispers that happiness or disappointment is looming. I hope that you remain as sincere and an addictive dose of love. 

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